Nicholas Roerich Estate Museum in Izvara
Nicholas Roerich
Estate Museum
in Izvara
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The Dining Room
The Sitting Room
The Dining Room
Little cupboard with shelf, Talashkino, 1900-s
The Drawing Room – at present the exhibition hall
N.K. Roerich's Sofa
A glimpse into the rooms…
Armchair 'Axe, shaft bow and mittens'. St.Petersburg, late 19th century.
A table belonging to N.K. Roerich's family, 19th century
N.K. Roerich's study and furniture
Restoration of the estate commenced with this scale model
E.I. Roerich's dress, 1920-ss
A glimpse into the rooms…
In the sitting room there were copies of Dutch paintings… Big corner sofas of red velvet …'  (N.K. Roerich)
Exhibition 'N.K. Roerich in America
N.K. Roerich's furniture: secretaire and clock 'Norton', 19th century.
Archeologists in Izvara, May, 2007
Personal exhibition of A.A. Miljukov. Ornamental panels.
A.A. Miljukov 'Izvara's Flowers
A tour on 21 June 2007

Museum Address: 188414, Izvara Village, Volosovo District, Leningrad Region, Russia.
Phones: +7-813-73-73-273 (group tours); Phone/Fax +7-813-73-73-298 (general)
Museum Director: Cherkasova Olga Anatolievna E-mail:

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